Production and sale of canvas directly from the manufacturer

Production of canvas from JV LLC «AHMAD TEX GROUP» and wholesales around the world.

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Uzbekistan, Tashkent region, Chirchik city, Boz Suv Bekati street

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Questions and answers

Our factory is engaged in the production of knitted fabrics.

It all depends on the order and the wishes of the client. We produce fabrics from various raw materials, such as polyester, colored yarn, viscose, and others. It all depends only on the preferences of the client, and all the characteristics of the canvas are agreed with him during negotiations.

Our factory is equipped with modern European equipment, we use only high-quality chemicals and dyes for the fabric. We employ foreign specialists, we have reasonable prices and good terms.

Our strength lies in the value for money. Compared to competitors, we offer reasonable prices and high quality, as we directly cooperate with factories for the production of raw materials, without intermediaries.

Yes. The minimum ordering weight must be at least 140 kg.

The time for preparing and sending a batch depends on its volume and logistics. Therefore, the implementation of an order is always individual.

We work on the market for 1 year

Our mission is to contribute to the development of the textile industry in Uzbekistan, create new jobs, increase the frequency of exports to foreign countries and take a worthy place in the world market.

Fleece, ironing and fabric fixing.

We are trusted by our clients. Also, We are the members of UzTextileProm.

Yes! We are always open to mutually beneficial cooperation.

Monthly power is 300 tons.

We mostly work for custom orders.

Sewing factories, trading houses