Production and sale of canvas directly from the manufacturer

Production of canvas from JV LLC «AHMAD TEX GROUP» and wholesales around the world.

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Uzbekistan, Tashkent region, Chirchik city, Boz Suv Bekati street

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Pure wool natural material with a dense fleecy surface (from 3 to 7 mm), soft and delicate to the touch. 

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Demi-season knitted fabric without fleece, based on complex fibers with a "elastic" structure, made of 100% cotton.

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Stretchable fabric made with elastic fiber padding. Made on the basis of spandex, it stretches strongly in all directions and restores its original shape.

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Thin knitted fabric without fleece with a cross-knit weave, in which a horizontal loop is formed by successive bending of one thread.

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The fabric made by combined weaving, with texture (honeycomb, rib), is of two types: with "fleece" on the seamy side and one-colored.

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Medium thick stretch cotton jersey with pinstripe detailing with added Lycra (Lycra and polyester).

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Warm look of brushed jersey. The front side of the fabric resembles a stitching surface, the seamy side is loop-shaped or with a combed pile.

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