Medium thick stretch cotton jersey with pinstripe detailing with added Lycra (Lycra and polyester). The weaving of the ribana outwardly resembles knitting in a small strip, but has its own characteristics. The peculiarity of the ribana is its elasticity, due to the weaving of lycra into the fabric, due to which the fabric perfectly keeps the desired shape. It is used when sewing turtlenecks, in particular necks and cuffs, as well as outerwear. It also makes great home dresses, shirts, nightgowns, pajamas and more. The color scheme of ribana textiles is rich in bright palette and interesting colorful solutions. Clothes with edging made of this elastic fabric look very original. Ribana is durable in use, it does not stretch, practically does not shrink, is durable, and products from it do not require special care. The composition of the canvas is cotton with lycra, cotton with lycra and polyester. The density of the canvas is 170-350 g / m2.