Thin knitted fabric without fleece with a cross-knit weave, in which a horizontal loop is formed by successive bending of one thread. It is considered the thinnest and most airy knitted cotton fabric. Kulirny smooth surface (cooler) is used for sewing linen, dressing gowns, summer clothes. Lycra is often added to cotton. The quality of the canvas does not change from this, but its elasticity increases by an order of magnitude. Comfortable underwear, soft knitted breeches and cropped trousers, men's T-shirts - not all types of cooler clothing. This material practically does not wrinkle, despite its thinness, it has sufficient strength, which is very good for the period of outdoor games in the fresh air and a pleasant pastime in the countryside. The composition of the canvas is 100% cotton, cotton with the addition of lycra and polyester. The density of the canvas is 145-180 g / m2.